Bastique: The Rants and Raves of a Great and Soon-to-be Famous Author

An American Staffordshire Terrier of questionable parentage and the best dog in the whole wide world...
Pit Bull and Siamese Why do I love that oversized pit bull?
Pit Bull at Rest
Who wouldn't love a face like that?
Banjo is Pit Bull Beautiful
Coco and Oji
Okay, maybe them, but they'll get over it...
Pit Bull in Ecstacy
I have never known anyone like Banjo...
Banjo, the Pit Bull
I've only known him five months and already he's changed my life. This 60 pound, 1 year old new member of my family is the most loving, love-needing, affectionate, playful, intelligent, and remarkable creature I have ever known. He can't get enough of his Daddy's kisses. Yes, I'm in love with my dog. *sigh* Ever dog deserves that kinda treatment.
Uploaded these March 23, 2003. Check back every so often for more pics!
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