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June 13, 2006


The AIDS Memorial Grove had a large
list of names
Here in the National AIDS Memorial Grove, a great number of people have contributed to making this a living memorial to those that have and continue to lose their lives to this dreadful virus. The great center circle, containing a large quantity of names, is but a small fraction of a small part of San Franciscans and other Americans whose lives have been touched by this disease.

AIDS Memorial Grove Center Circle of Friends
The Circle of Friends at the National AIDS Memorial Grove

AIDS Memorial Grove Names Fragment
A portion of the list of names

AIDS Memorial Grove Center Healing and Hope
Healing and Hope speak volumes at the National AIDS Memorial Grove

What is a Memorial? A landmark or notation of someone who has been lost, to commemorate their passing. Statues, fountains, sometimes arches are all frequent memorial devices. How fitting that this memorial be a constant and ever growing one? It continues to commemmorate.

There is no lack of space at the grove to add new names.

AIDS Memorial Grove Tulips in Memory
Tulips left perhaps in memory of some lost loved one or ones at the Circle of Friends.

Posted by Bastique at June 13, 2006 9:48 PM


Dear friend!

I am very happy that I have had an opportunity to share that special moment with you at the AIDS memorial grove. From its day of inoguration 15 years ago, although I also have read about it in the B.A.R. (Bay Area Reporter) gay newspaper in San Francisco, I was living the pain of loosing 2 partners in that time frame, in the Bay Area and I was not ready to visit the site. To block the pain, I forgot it was located in Golden Gate Park, I guess,I had to wait until the time was right to see it. By fate, it was meant to share that special moment of grief with you on our first trip together. Thank you so much for writing such a well presented story about this fantastic journey. Love, Mike.

Posted by: Mike D. at June 17, 2006 3:54 PM

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