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Sermon delivered to Christ Church Lutheran
April 7, 2013 - 2nd Sunday of Easter (C)

"Doubt" - Text from John 20:19-31

Doubting Thomas.jpgChrist has risen. Holy Week is over, all the work that led up to it can be put away. Now we can move onto other things, right? Well, not quite, and who would want to? Easter is a time of celebration for our glorious savior has returned and will raise us up in his kingdom. And we continue to proclaim that Christ has risen not one Sunday, but for the following 50 days, we get to go on living within his wondrous resurrection.

The Easter Season is about a remembrance and it is about the now and it is about the future of humankind. We are pointing in the forward direction in anticipation of that blessed event while at the same time looking back on it. And each successive Sunday in Easter we reflect on the never-ending story of the resurrection of our Lord and savior, and the season serves to position us in relation to the living God in the world now while pointing us to the glorious future to come.

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