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Hiking, street fairs, and pepper plants

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For the last few days, I have been wanting to do this extensive blog post about oppression and how to deal with people who want to counter definition 1 (involving the systematic denial of rights to a group of people) with their own, personal oppression per definition 2 (aka oppressive feelings, something psychological).

On Saturday, Michael and I hiked more than halfway to the peak of Mount Tamalpais, and after that we went to a friend's house for a lobster and clam bake. We encountered a bobcat and a rattlesnake. 

On Sunday, I had my regular teaching parish at St. Mark's, a congregational retreat at St. Francis, and an hour and a half at Up Your Alley Street fair to act like a married couple in public gawk at all the sights. 

Baby pepper plants.jpg
Today I dropped Michael off for a day work trip down to Los Angeles, did some shopping at Berkeley Bowl then spent much of the day planting 45 pepper plants that I have been growing from seed. It's time consuming work and I have not had the opportunity to do much else I'd planned. I'll be going to see a fellow intern off this evening, shortly.

To kvetch a moment: incidentally, I find it annoying that neither Home Depot nor Orchard Supply Hardware, with their huge garden department, carries cheap plastic plant containers. Luckily, just down the street in Emeryville, there is this wonderful store that I had never seen before: Complete Garden Supply. They had the exact containers I needed for 55 cents apiece.

 Alas, my post on oppression will await another time when I'm not feeling so ... oppressed by how busy I am.
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