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Procrastination 26 July 2012

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I put the word out and asked people what I should blog about today (written 7/25/2012). I got a few ideas from people.

The first of which, from Dan, asked me to talk about life on Wikipedia and contrast it with my life today, in seminary; especially with regard to the numerous and diverse personalities "and the one true purpose." Well, that's a mighty big task, and in order to do it justice, I need to be more focused on it and have it more front and center. Right now, being on summer break and away from everyone; it just is not.

The other suggestion, from Tarin, was "[c]orn, wheat, farm subsidies, water shortages, US weather maps, the Dust Bowl. NB: I didn't know you have a blog, or what its theme may be, but I trust your ability to make literal or metaphorical grain fit your general scope." This is particularly interesting given that my next sermon is going to be based in the "Bread of Life" text from John 6.35, 41-51. It is almost eery the way that worked out.


So, now that I've decided what topic to write about, I'm too tired to write for the second day in a row.

I have just come home from a fabulous Interfaith Tent of Occupy Oakland retreat and I have gained so much, but my brain is currently mush. Will try again later.

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