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The shooter, not anyone else, is to blame

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What a horrible event to take place at the Family Research Council today. An apparently deranged person arrived with a gun, with what intent, nobody knows, and shot a security guard in the arm. Thank the Lord nobody was killed. My prayers go out for a full recovery to the victim.

The Family Research Council is an anti-gay organization who has lately been campaigning fervently against gay marriage. The shooter apparently had Chik-fil-A restaurant information. The evidence so far points to the shooter reacting against the FRC's antigay stance.

I always feel hurt hardest when the reaction to such events come out, especially when it hits this close to home. The FRC is a despicable organization that consistently resorts to faulty research to support its antigay campaigning; the kind of campaigning that leads to marginalization of LGBT people, the suppression of LGBT rights, and indirectly, violence against us. I wish they would go out of business, and have their doors battered, never to be heard from again! 

But violence against people is reprehensible. It is a blessing nobody was killed, and yet, someone was shot because he worked for this organization. He is being labeled a "hero" by media outlets for preventing others from being killed. I can certainly understand why.

The politicization of this shooting by antigay talking heads is despicable. However, I imagine that other recent shootings, such as the one near Texas A&M, and the one at the Sikh Temple were also politicized by bloggers and media, from a different "wing", because of those shooters' political leanings. 

It must be stated, however, that just because some person shoots a guard at the headquarters of an organization that is a documented hate group according to the Southern Poverty Law Center does not make the SPLC culpable for the shooting, or the FRC any less of a hate group.

The Family Research Council has published over several years false reports that link male homosexuality with pedophilia. This constitutes defamation of an entire group of people by way of lying about them. Defamation of a group of people results in increased violence against them and further repression of rights. This makes the Family Research Council a "Hate Group." 

In no reality can is the Southern Poverty Law Center, by establishing legitimate credentials that outline what a "Hate Groups" is and by the Family Research Council meeting those credentials be constituted as defamation or libel on the part of the SPLC. There is therefore no logical conclusion that could be reached that places the burden of this crime on the Southern Poverty Law Center. The people who would do that are not being driven, however, by logic--only by anti-gay politics. It benefits them to continue to be dishonest in order to push a dishonest agenda; a pretense of victimization that in no way resembles Christ or Christian behavior.

(Edited to removed "mentally-deranged" from sixth paragraph, there's no evidence to back this up and it does not change the shooter's culpability regardless). 
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