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Jesus is the gatekeeper. Watch out for thieves and bandits. And remember, we recognize his voice even if we don't always listen. 

This sermon is quite a bit different from how it was written, therefore, please  listen to the sermon rather than read it. The sermon notes which are included for convenience.  

 Listen to the sermon here  Sheep Grace.mp3

Lutheran Church of the Cross was grateful for our guest pastor, Kate Drefke today. 

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The text was not available at time of publication 

Sermon delivered at Lutheran Church of the Cross in Berkeley. 

April 30, 2017 - 3rd Sunday f Easter

Sermon on Luke 24:13-35.  Text is from Luke 24:13-35

Fritz von Uhde - Der Gang nach Emmaus (1891)

We can be walking along and not see Jesus walking next to us. How can we, who are disciples not see Christ among us and what does it take for us to see him? 

This is an unrehearsed homily, so there is no accompanying text!  

Sermon delivered at Lutheran Church of the Cross in Berkeley. 

April 26, 2017 - 2nd Wednesday of Easter

Homily on Luke 24:13-35.  Text is from Luke 24:13-35

We see Jesus in each other, we see Jesus in the wine and bread. Have we truly come to believe because we haven't seen him? 

 This sermon is quite a bit different from how it was written, therefore, please listen to the sermon rather than read it.  The sermon notes which are included for convenience.  

Sermon delivered at Lutheran Church of the Cross in Berkeley. 

April 23 - 2nd Sunday in Easter

"Seeing Jesus".  Text is from John 20:19-31 

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Good morning to you my sisters and brothers in Christ, saints and sinners, children of God. 

Easter, at least the season of it, has only just begun. Even though we're a week after the Sunday of the Resurrection, we're only now beginning to talk about Jesus's post resurrection appearances and how he is beginning to live into this amazing gift he's given to us, first to the women at the tomb, and then to those they'd met, the disciples. Here in the upper room. And although there were on 10 of the remaining twelve  there, frightened about who might be coming for them, Jesus nevertheless appeared and ate with them and showed them his wounds and blessed them and gave the holy spirit to take with them to bless others. 

We don't know where Thomas was that first night that Jesus came to visit. There are so many possibilities. It had been a frightening time for the disciples who felt as if they must go into hiding, and perhaps, of all of them, Thomas had some place else to go. Maybe Thomas had made a friend ijn Jerusalem and hadn't told anyone about them. What remains with us, though, throughout this set of passages, is that Thomas did not see and therefore, did not believe until Jesus showed his face once more. 

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