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Summary: 21 June 2012

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Okay, five hundred words is a lot, especially on days that I do not have an hour to set aside to do it. So it is a commitment I will have to temper somehow and not kick myself in the rear when I fail to complete it. Come August and my internship at Christ Church Lutheran, I will have considerably less time for it.

Today, Michael and I took Banjo to Point Isabel after lunch with friends at Au Coquelet Restaurant in Berkeley. Banjo deserved the outing, but I did not make time to write.

I want to devote some time to the whole Chick-Fil-A awfulness, because a lot needs to be said about it and issues need to be answered in an intelligent manner (like the whole "It's not hate to be opposed to gay marriage" deal); but it is 10:20 pm and I have to be up early enough to get to St. Mark's worship service at 8:30am; so it will have to wait until tomorrow afternoon. I promise to get it to you with extra words to make up for what I have not written today.    

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